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What is Psychological Assessment?

Psychological testing and assessment is one of many tools that can be used by a psychologist to learn and understand a person’s own unique strengths and weaknesses. Each assessment that I provide is tailored to the individual, depending on the specific concerns presented during the intake session. By gathering data using scientifically-grounded methods, it is possible to better understand a person’s struggles, while also highlighting and valuing their strengths. Interventions and recommendations provided help each person function optimally, whether at home or in a school or a job setting.

A complete psychological assessment often involves not only the use of psychological tests, but also relies upon behavior rating scales, observations during testing sessions, and interview questions, as well information gathered from others who know the client well. At the end of the testing process, I provide a written assessment report that highlights individual strengths while addressing areas of need. .

Evaluation Steps

​Before the Appointment

Prior to the first evaluation appointment, I will send you an email link to complete paperwork electronically. 


Intake Session

The evaluation process starts with an intake session that lasts about 60-75 minutes. For child assessments, this initial meeting involves just parents. During out meeting, I will gather background information and answer any questions you might have about the testing process. We will together formulate a testing plan to make sure that I address the different areas that you would like to better understand. 


Testing Sessions

Most psychological evaluations that I do involve 5-6 hours of in-person testing time, usually across one long appointment, or two shorter appointments.  


Feedback Session to Review Test Results

After testing is complete, I will spend time interpreting the data and writing up an evaluation report that includes background information from out initial session, test results, a summary of treatment findings, and recommendations tailored to the client.  We will then meet for a session to go over the test results and discuss treatment recommendations. Feedback sessions typically last 60-90 minutes and occur about 3 weeks after our final testing session. 

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